Whale Printable Coloring Pages

Whales are a group of mammals. Unlike other fish, whales reproduce by giving birth or viviparity. In addition, mother whales also breastfeed their babies, even for quite a long time. During this lactation period, which lasts more than a year, it appears that the mother whale has a strong bond with her young.

Whales can breathe longer in water because they have a respiratory system that is effective in absorbing oxygen. Humans breathe about 12 to 20 times in one minute. But humans can only absorb 5 percent of oxygen in one breath. Unlike humans, whales can absorb 90 percent of the oxygen in each breath.

Whales are described as having a caudal fin, a dorsal fin, and a pectoral fin. In addition, they have blowholes on the top of their heads.

Like other mammals, whales also maintain their body temperature. This is done with a thick layer of fat under the skin called a blubber.

Blue whale is the largest animal in the world today? Blue whales reach 33 meters in length and weigh 181 tons or more. When compared with objects on earth, the size of a whale can be more than the size of a truck. Blue whales have the characteristics of a long body, flat head, U-shaped, and relatively small dorsal fin.

Whales are often dubbed the “enchanting singing animal” because they have songs with different melodies. While communicating with each other, the whales appear to be performing an orchestra that can be heard from 30 to 185 km away. This communication is also what attracts the attention of female whales when they want to mate.

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