Printable Tree Coloring Pages

Generating oxygen, preventing floods and landslides, and maintaining groundwater reserves are some of the benefits of trees for human life and all living things. Trees also have very important ecological functions for the preservation of biodiversity, as well as providing economic benefits derived from wood, sap, leaves, fruit and others.

Trees are annual woody plants that produce oxygen. Trees are the foundation in caring for ecosystems as well as supporting various aspects of life on earth.

Trees play an important role in the survival of living things. Without trees, the life of living things on earth will be disturbed.

The benefits of trees for humans and other living things are numerous. Therefore, it is important to preserve the trees that are around.

Cutting down trees can cause geothermal heat to increase, the amount of oxygen supply decreases, and air pollution levels increase. Not only that, the amount of water in the soil is also reduced.