Tayo Printable Coloring Pages

Tayo the Little Bus is a South Korean animated children’s series produced by Iconix Entertainment. The series premiered on August 23, 2010 on the Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) channel. Until now, this children’s entertainment program has broadcast more than 150 episodes which are divided into 6 seasons.

This cartoon tells about Tayo, a small blue bus who adventures in the city traffic with his friends. Tayo is a friendly and helpful bus. This animated series teaches about traffic order, friendship and mutual assistance.

In some scenes, this cartoon teaches the value of responsibility towards the viewer. For example, when the character Toto is in charge of the work being carried out even though at that time he is enjoying his day off.

Discipline is shown in the scene where Tayo and Rogi come home late. Cito was very angry when he saw Tayo and Rogi coming home very late and dirty. This shows that every child needs to be disciplined in playing time.

This cartoon teaches the importance of paying attention to traffic signs from an early age. Obedience to traffic is shown in the scene of Tayo who slows down when the red light comes on and stops behind a road marking. Many benefits will be known to them when they will start to descend as road users and will understand the rules that must be obeyed and understood.

The main character is named Tayo, a small blue bus that is friendly, fun, and sometimes naughty. Tayo has many friends.

Rogi the green bus who is always enthusiastic, Lani the friendly and adorable yellow female bus, Gani the shy little bus, Cito the big bus who is considered a wise brother, and Hana the brave mechanic who is always good at repairing damaged vehicles.