Superman Coloring Pages Printable

The origin of Superman comes from a distant planet called Krypton. The planet has been destroyed by the act of Krypton itself. Superman was a baby and was sent by plane by his parents before all the planets of Krypton were destroyed.

Superman has 2 names, the first name given by his biological father, namely Kal-El. And the name given when he was adopted by the Kent family, namely Clark Kent.

Small Kal-El was later adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent from a village called Smallville, located in Kansas. Growing up as Clark Kent, he dedicated his life to helping others with the power he gained from the Sun.

He moved to Metropolis and became Superman. Superman hides his identity as Clark Kent, a news journalist who works for the Daily Planet.

Superman is blessed with the ability to fly, has extraordinary strength and is almost perfect, he can only be hurt by something that comes from a Kryptonite stone. Superman also has eyes that can fire hot lasers, can see from the largest to microscopic or smallest sizes, can function as x-rays and radio waves. He can hear people from an unexpected distance.

It also has lungs that can survive even without oxygen. And the last ability is the ability to freeze something when he blows air that is large enough from his mouth.

Superman is one of DC Universe’s strongest superheroes, possessing a variety of super powers and abilities that make him well respected by opponents and friends.