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Sonic the Hedgehog, published by the Japanese video game development company Sega, is the main character of the video game Sonic Hedgehog. The character can move at supersonic speed. A blue anthropomorphic hedgehog that can roll up into a ball to attack enemies. The basic game is to guide Sonic through the unknown land to overcome various obstacles and collect gold rings scattered throughout the different levels.

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Top 15 are the most beautiful sound pictures and free coloring pictures. At the same time it is also a painting game. The game then inspired several animated television programs and spin off comics, which increased the popularity of the character. It was the first video game to start with the franchise on 23 June 1991. The game was released to provide a brand new mascot for Sega’s flagship video game undertaking Nintendo and compete with Mario. Was the character of Sonic actually from the Japanese video game designers Naoto and Yuji Naka? Shima has created. Due to the enormous popularity of the game, umbrellas, the main character is symbolized in places such as backpacks, pencil boxes and painting templates.