Shoes Printable Coloring Pages

Shoes have now become a primary human need. The main function of shoes is to protect themselves from foot injuries, due to hitting hard objects or stepping on hard or sharp objects.

Good shoes can not only protect the feet, but also comfortable to wear. In this modern era, the function of shoes is no longer just a foot protection device, but also a part of fashion.

Shoes can make the wearer confident or vice versa, especially for young women and adult women.

Shoes are one of the important items that support life, because the feet support the whole body when walking. Choosing the wrong shoes, can be harmful to the body. Choosing the wrong shoes that are not in accordance with the condition of the feet can be dangerous or risk fatal.

Shoes are a type of footwear which usually consists of parts of soles, heels, hood, laces and tongue. The grouping of various types of shoes is usually done based on the benefits or types, such as dance shoes, formal shoes (parties), casual shoes (casual), sports shoes, work shoes and many others. Usually, shoe sizes follow a number of standards and differ throughout the world.

People need to use shoes so that they are also more confident, or can be used for work, school, dating and so on.