Printable Shimmer and Shine Coloring Pages

coloring pages “Shimmer and Shine”, an American-Canadian television series, has already taken the world by storm. The story of “Shimmer and Shine” revolves around Leah, a young and lively girl who has geniuses, Shimmer and Shine as her friends. The series is a big hit with the kids, so how can we not bring the artwork to our little readers? Below you will find our collection of free painting templates on the subject of shimmer and shine. The beautiful little girl you see here is Shimmer, the sweet and lovable ball of energy who is always looking for ways to maximize the fun ratio.

This cheerful, cheerful and optimistic girl loves nothing more than what she’s doing. Shine is shown in a purple ghost dress that complements her pink hair really well. The contrasting green jewellery enhances the look even more. Consider these colors when filling out this page.