Sesame Street Printable Coloring Pages For Kids

Most of us, grew up with the 40-year-old TV series and have produced more than 4,100 episodes. The characters are unique and funny, the story also teaches us many things. Of all the characters, who are the most popular Sesame Street characters?

Big Bird
This tall and big yellow bird has many talents! He can sing, dance, make poetry, skate, ice-skating to ride a one-wheeled bicycle! Because so many people like Big Bird, Sesame Street made a film called Follow That Bird with Big Bird as the main character in 1985.

Bert & Ernie
Bert and Ernie’s roommate is a hilarious duo on Sesame Street. Innocent Ernie often comes up with ideas that don’t make sense. Whereas Bert was always the one who tried to persuade Ernie not to do the idea. The inspiration for these two characters actually comes from the two most popular fruits in the world, namely orange (Ernie) and banana (Bert).

This red-haired monster is so cute! Besides being always optimistic and cheerful, Elmo also has lots of exciting games. His laughing style is contagious and the way he speaks is typical of children makes Elmo much preferred. Believe it or not, Elmo is the only doll that has ever spoken before the United States Congress. Cool!

Kermit The Frog
This careless green frog is the oldest character on Sesame Street. Voiced by Sesame Street’s own creator, Jim Henson, Kermit presented the Sesame Street News Flash segment, as a reporter who interviewed fairytale figures. Because of its popularity, the name Kermit The Frog arrived on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Cookie Monster
This blue monster really likes cake! No wonder that the popular words he often says are “Me want cookie!” And “Me eat cookies!” Even though he is a greedy monster, Cookie Monster is very gentle and kind. Psst … you know, during shooting, the cake used isn’t the real cake. The problem is being afraid of getting dirty and damaging the Cookie Monster doll.