Free Printable UltraMan Coloring Pages For Kids

One of the films that was quite phenomenal in the 90s was the Japanese Tokusatsu film by Eiji Tsuburaya, namely Ultraman. Ultraman is a fictional superhero, the one schoolchildren look forward to the most when Sunday arrives.

The 90s generation may already be familiar with Ultraman, a superhero figure who fights various monsters to protect the earth. This original superhero has various versions with different powers. Among these versions, there are some of the strongest Ultraman.

Ultraman comes with a costume that is dominated by silver and red colors. The costume wraps the superhero’s body from the bottom to the head. Ultraman’s eyes are usually white or yellow in color, and glow whenever he uses his powers.
Over time, Ultraman began to transform and appear with different costumes. Ultraman’s powers are even more varied.