Printable Trolls Coloring Pages For Kids

Trolls are colorful miniature creatures who live hidden, and spend their time singing, dancing, and hugging each other. One of the trolls living in this herd is Poppy, the daughter of the troll leader who is overly cheerful and optimistic.

This film tells the story of little creatures whose lives are always filled with happiness, dancing, singing and hugging every day. But all of that vanishes when they meet Bergens, a creature that resembles a large orge who is never happy except when they eat trolls.

The trolls led by King Peppy were finally able to escape from Bergens. After 20 years, Poppy the son of King Peppy will celebrate the successful escape of the trolls from Bergens.

But Branch’s fears, grumpy trolls come true. Bergens finds their hideout and captures all the trolls except Branch and Poppy. Now they must fight to save the trolls before they become Bergens’ food.