Printable The Simpson Coloring Pages

Homer J. Simpson, who is described as a donut fan, with his wife, Marge, and their children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, who became one of the icons of popular culture, has won 27 Emmy Awards.

Not only that, the Simpson family has also been recorded in ‘Hollywood’s Walk of Fame’. In fact, the phrase ‘D’Oh’ entered the Oxford edition of the dictionary in 2011.

Homer is the head of the Simpson family, the main character of The Simpsons series who is often ridiculous and has special words “D’oh!”, Working at Mr. Burns’ power plant. Very lazy at work and do not like going to church. Described as a father who is not at all responsible. Maybe Homer always looks stupid, but in my opinion homer is not stupid, but too innocent.

Marge is the figure of a housewife in the series The Simpsons, wife of Homer who is often stressed because of the behavior of Homer and Bart. Marge tipical American housewife who works only take care of children and homes, but one time Marge was the one who made the decision from homer.

Bart is the eldest son of the Simpson family, a 10-year-old boy who is very naughty and likes to skateboard, loves to say the word “ay caramba!”, Very close to his father even though their closeness is more closeness in dangerous things, but not infrequently also he felt ashamed because of his father’s actions.

Lisa is the second child of the 8-year-old Simpson family, intelligent and very concerned about the environment, likes to play saxophone even though her saxophone playing skills are very poor. Lisa is upside down with Bart, inheriting Marge’s talent but smarter.

Maggie is the youngest son of the Simpson family whose real name is Margaret Simpson. Even though she is only 1 year old, she often does unexpected things for a baby her age.