Printable The Monster Inc Coloring Pages

Monsters, Inc. is an animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. This film premiered in the United States on November 2, 2001. Unexpectedly, the film Monsters, Inc. achieve commercial and valuation success. The film was re-released in theaters in 3D on December 19, 2012. The film, directed by Pete Docter, tells the story of a monster city, the city of Monstropolis.

In this city there is a company Monsters Inc. which is the main energy supply company for the townspeople. The company gets its energy by scaring human children. It is the screams of human children that are accommodated and collected as the energy source of this monster city.

Because of this, this company has a lot of monsters whose job it is to frighten human children. So, from the screams of fear, the city’s energy needs are maintained. One of the best monsters the company has is James P Sullivan, whose voice is voiced by actor John Goodman.

Sullivan has a large body, blue fur with large purple spots and horns. He always works with Mike Wazowski whose voice is voiced by actor Billy Crystal. The body is green, one-eyed. Randall, a lizard-shaped monster, felt rivaled. He did various ways in order to defeat Sullivan. One of them is by kidnapping a human child named Boo.

That’s where the conflict occurs, Sullivan and Mike try to save Boo from Randall’s actions. However, from that disaster, these two mainstay monsters in Monstropolis discovered the fact that the energy of a child who was laughing and happy was much greater.

So, since then, this company has been managed in a different way, namely to make children happy and make children laugh, so that the energy of the city of Monstropolis is maintained.