Spring Flower Coloring Pages printable

Spring is often seen as the season of blooming flowers. This is when the cold of winter begins to turn into a gust of warmth. So, this is the best time to see the flowers in bloom. Sakura is the most popular flower to look at. The beauty of spring in Japan is truly amazing. Spring in Japan usually starts from March to May. Sunny weather with warm air, very suitable for outdoor activities. But there are other flowers to be seen.

One of them is tulips. Tulips are not native to Japan, but you can still enjoy the colorful beauty of tulips when you visit Japan. The best time to see it is late March to May, although each region has a different peak bloom time.

Another flower that is popular with tourists is the Pink Moss (Shibazakura). This flower blooms in late April to late May. Depending on the area, you can see a stretch of Pink Moss like a pink carpet with Mount Fuji in the background in the distance.

In spring, at the foot of Mount Fuji every year the Shibazakura festival is held. Having the real name Hanatsume Kusa, Shibazakura is a kind of pink flowering shrub. Shibazakura itself means cherry grass, derived from the word shiba which means grass and zakura (sakura) means cherry blossom. So named because this flower looks like cherry blossoms creeping on the ground like grass.

During this festival, the foot of Mount Fuji will be filled with Shibazakura flower beds that look like colorful carpets. There were pink, purple, and white flowers planted with a total of over 800,000. You can witness the beauty of this festival from mid-April to May.