Printable Power Ranger Coloring Pages For Kids

The Power Rangers series is a show that shows stories about humans who have super powers and can change forms like superheroes. Power Rangers first aired in 1993 and is still alive today in America.

One of them is Power Rangers Time Force. This series is the seventh series and presents the rangers numbering six people. Consists of four men and two women who are red, pink, yellow, green, blue and quantum rangers, respectively.

The Wild Force series is a continuation of Time Force. comes with a different story but still features the rangers who fight against evil. The rangers in this series represent the forces of nature, especially powerful animals. For example, red rangers represent the strength of a lion, yellow rangers as eagle rangers, blue rangers as sharks, black rangers as bison, white rangers as tigers. They all fought the evil forces that came from the Master Org.

another with the 9th Series of Power Rangers, namely Ninja Storm. In this series, the cast is certainly different from the previous series as well as the story. the rangers have powers that represent the Earth element. Starting from Water, Air, Earth, Lightning and Samurai. As the title implies, this series tells of the agility of the rangers with ninja-style powers against crime. The antagonist in this series is Lothor. When evil forces appear, the rangers will change into costumes and use weapons up to the Megazord.

2004 was the year of Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Maybe you can already guess from the title if this series carries the theme of ancient dinosaurs. The rangers from red to yellow represent the power of various dinosaurs. Red Rangers for example, he symbolizes the power of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. While the Blue Triceratops, yellow Rangers with the power of Pterosaurs, to black rangers with the power of Brachiosaurus. The entire series airs 38 episodes.

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