Printable Planes Fire And Rescue Coloring Pages For Kids

Walt Disney returned to spawn his new film. The cartoon specialist is ready to hit theaters on August 13, 2014 through a film titled Planes: Fire & Rescue. Directed by Roberts Gannaway, Planes Fire & Rescue is nicely packaged through its light and funny story line.

Plus, this film is watched in 3D so that the effects displayed are able to provide a perfect spectacle for Cinemaholic, especially young children. Because, in the film written by John Lasseter, Bobs Gannaway, Jeffrey M. Howard, and Peggy Holmes, there are contained many positive values ​​such as help, loyalty, friendship and patience.

The story begins when Dusty Crophopper who is the champion of a rally to fly around the world is threatened with retirement. While trying to fly, Dusty suddenly lost control. The mechanic also said that the reduction gearbox was damaged and could not be corrected.

That certainly surprised Dusty, considering he was a world champion. His career as a rally champion must also be stopped. The orange aircraft then chose to turn the steering wheel into an air firefighting team at Piston Peak.

There he meets the Blade Ranger, who is a fire and rescue helicopter. Dusty is also required to be trained by Blade to be a good firefighting team. In training sessions several times, Blade told Dusty to increase his speed. Unfortunately, there are a number of things that Dusty doesn’t often hear.

Because of that, Blade was made annoyed. Moreover, his instructions in the exercise were ignored by Dusty. However, on the other hand Dusty has his own reasons that Blade only found at the end of the story. The film’s climax occurs when the Piston Peak forest blackout forces have to bet their lives in order to extinguish the forest from major fires.

Blade was badly injured, while Dusty had to lose his favorite gearbox. Then, did the Piston Peak team conquer ‘The Red Rooster’?