Ninja Turtles Coloring Pages Printable

Ninja Turtles is a cartoon that attracts children’s attention with its interesting characters. I also share with you the most beautiful pictures as I can. This time we have prepared coloring pages for these Ninja Turtles, here you will find all coloring pages that are above a certain standard.

Ninja Turtles characters

Michelangelo, color: orange. Also known as Mikey or Mike, his weapon is the Dual Nunchucks. He is the youngest in the group, extremely fun-loving, carefree, relaxed and relaxed. It can make the audience laugh, making it the kind of turtle children can identify with, fighting the best of them, the most fluid relationships that others are involved in.

Leonardo, color: blue. Also known as Leo, his weapons are two swords, Shoto, Katana, smoke bombs. He is the oldest and leader responsible for all turtle matters, especially when Master Splinter is not around. As a leader, he is very disciplined and shows no weakness, is a strong example to others and the most reliable turtle in combat.

Donatello, color: purple. Also known as Donnie or Don, his weapons are the Bo Staff, Ninja Glider, Smoke Bomb, Griffin Hook, Naginata. The smartest turtle and is also considered the vice-leader. His intelligence also offers his expertise in many of the ninjutsu disciplines. This could make him the next of all TMNT who manages to be a ninja master.

Raphael, Color: Red. Also known as Raph, his weapons are the Twin Sai, Ninja Glider, smoke bombs, and grappling hooks. The evil turtle, both extremely aggressive and rebellious, often clashes with his older brother Leonardo. He often went to the rogue, but it always ended up being hurt and his brothers being forced to come to his rescue.