Ninjago Coloring Pages Printable

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is now available. The series, which has reached season ten with a total of 98 episodes, was first released in 2011. The average duration of the episode is about 30 minutes.

Very far in the past, the First Spinjitzu Master created the world of Ninjago. That creation included Spinjitzu’s Four Elemental Weapons, weapons that were so powerful that nothing could be handled when they all came together.

When the First Spinjitzu Master died, his two sons swore to protect the four weapons. Unfortunately, the eldest son named Lord Garmadon is dark and wants to have it all. There was a battle between these two brothers, Lord Garmadon and Sensei Wu. Lord Garmadon lost.

For the sake of safety, Sensei Wu banished his brother in the underground world and for the time being, the world of Ninjago was at peace. In order for the four weapons to be safe, Sensei Wu hid them at the end of Ninjago. Centuries later, Lord Garmadon returns with the help of his army. The goal is one, to find and take the four great weapons that used to be a bone of contention.

The increasingly urgent situation made Sensei Wu ask for the help of four young ninja. Sensei Wu trained them to be the guards of each weapon. A battle between Lord Gardamon and Sensei Wu’s side broke out.

Even though Sensei Wu’s Ninjas survived, they fell into Lord Garmadon’s plans. Their fight turns out to be releasing the Dark Lord from his prison.

Indeed, Ninjago and Sensei Wu’s troops are now safe. But Lord Gardamon will come back with more power. If the four great weapons fall into the wrong hands, the world is in danger.