Free Printable Mouse Coloring Pages

Rats or Mouse are one of the toughest animals on earth. Considered a secretive and intelligent animal, rats are a common nuisance that humans always face once they make it into their homes or business premises.

Rats as pests may be animals that will be very annoying for everyone. This is especially so if you find out they have nested in various places in the house and witnessed rats enter the house and make other sizeable messes for yourself.

Rats or Mouse are not only intelligent animals, but they also have excellent memory and are often analyzed by researchers, especially in the study of animal behavior.

Mice’s excellent memory helps them to be able to map out a room and remember all the routes they have traveled for a long time. Rats have a pair of incisors that are very sharp and grow continuously throughout their lives. Their strong and sharp incisors have many functions including as a means of defense and weapons in crushing hard objects to gain access to your home through walls or roofs.

However, rats must ensure that their incisors grow in a controlled manner, or else the rat’s teeth will kill themselves.This is the reason why they will constantly sharpen their incisors by chewing or gnawing on solid objects such as aluminum, wood, wire, and soft objects such as plastic and electrical wires.