Printable Monkey Coloring Pages

Monkeys, as we know, are living creatures belonging to the Animalia class. Monkeys are omnivores (eaters of everything). In addition to bananas, seeds or other plants, monkeys can also eat fleas (animals) and other types of animal-sourced food.

Monkeys reproduce by giving birth and include mammals that suckle. Has hair as a cover for the body. The hair of the monkey physically looks similar to the hair in general, the hair of the monkey itself is light brown.

Monet has a long tail. The monkey’s tail itself is often used as a third hand for the monkey. Monkeys walk upright like humans and have a somewhat similar body posture. But the monkey’s own hands are also often used for walking.

Monkey habitat is on land so it can be concluded that monkeys breathe with lungs. Its natural habitat is in the forest, although we often find it in tourist attractions it is only a small part of the large part of monkeys that are in the wild.

In the forest, most monkeys use trees as a place to live as well as a place to find food or just as a place to play, thus requiring monkeys to become reliable tree climbers.