Free Printable Mango Coloring Pages

Mango fruit is a fruit belonging to a group of stone fruit (drupa), which is a fruit that has 3 layers of fruit walls. The three layers of fruit wall are thin Eksokarp (skin), fleshy or stringy Mesokarp and Endokarp which is thick and hard as stone. There are various sizes and shapes of fruit, some are round, ovoid and even elongated. While the length of the fruit ranges between 2.5cm to 30cm.

Mango is a Tropical fruit that usually grows in hotter environments. Mango fruit believed to originate from the borders of India and Myanmar has been spread and cultivated by countries in Southeast Asia and countries close to the equator. India, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Pakistan are the biggest mango producing countries in the world. Mango fruit in scientific language is called Mangifera Indica.

Mango coloring page to download and coloring. Here is a free coloring page of  Mango.

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