Love Coloring Pages Printable

Human heart or heart is still used as a symbol of love. Along with the times, soft heart as a symbol of love has not been shaken, except for the increasingly diverse modifications.

The birth of the heart-shaped love symbol (heart) turned out to have a diverse and long history. The heart-shaped love symbol began to be widely known in the Victorian era which took place in England in 1837 to 1901. However, until now no one can be sure, which nation first coined the idea and what year was created.

The love symbol is widely used as an expression of love and affection. In many countries, the heart symbol is used to indicate that someone is in love.

As a symbol of love, the love symbol is often used on Valentine’s Day, usually this symbol is found on greeting cards, candy boxes, and others. While a cracked or broken love symbol usually symbolizes sadness or pain due to love.

The first symbol of love is taken from a pair of geese who are making out. When the two swans face each other, their necks appear to form a love symbol. In addition, the swan is also considered an animal that symbolizes love, loyalty, and enthusiasm. Facts also show that a pair of geese are usually together until one of them dies.