Lightning Mcqueen Coloring Pages Printable

Cars fans will know that Lightning McQueen is always in the spotlight. It is a fast and unyielding race car.

Over time, he had to accept the fact that he was no longer a race car like he used to be. This is also stated in the latest Disney film, Cars 3, which was directed by Brian Fee. “In the first Cars movie, we knew that Lightning McQueen was the fastest racing car. In this film (Cars 3), he realizes that he is older as a famous athlete”.

Lightning McQueen is an unbeaten racing car in the previous sequel. In this latest film, the car with the bright red color is told to get older. Young cars with new technology have lowered McQueen’s hopes of victory.

Jackson Storm is one of the fastest young cars. The threat of this technologically advanced young car causes the old racers who are friends of McQueen to retire. In fact, there are old cars that were fired by sponsors because they were considered unable to compete.

Even so, McQueen did not give up. He tried hard to beat Storm. In a race, McQueen forced himself through Storm who was faster than him. McQueen tires also burst which made him have a big accident.

After the final race, McQueen fixes himself up at Radiator Springs. While there, he spends his daily life watching footage of Hudson (Paul Newman), a retired former racing car.

Lightning Mcqueen coloring page to download and coloring. Here is a free coloring page of Lightning Mcqueen.
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