Fox Coloring Pages Printable

Usually, one animal only lives on one or two continents. But not with a fox. This animal lives on every continent.

Fox is still a family with dogs and wolves. So, do not be surprised if this animal is similar to dogs and wolves. Foxes are indeed a family with dogs and wolves.

However, their sizes are different. A fox’s body is smaller and lighter, than its two families. In fact, there are foxes that are smaller in size than cats. He is a fox fennect. Her body is only 23 centimeters long and weighs only 1 kilogram.

Foxes live on all continents, from the wettest continents to the driest continents. Foxes on every continent will live in different places.

Some live in the rainforest, mountains, grasslands, to the desert. Although living in a different place, the fox has the same residence, which is a house in the ground.