Elena of Avalor Coloring Pages Printable

Another Disney masterpiece that is sure to captivate kids, Elena of Avalor. A story about Elena, a brave teenager and adventurer who has saved her kingdom from an evil sorceress, where she is now the crown princess must learn to rule, until she is considered mature enough to be a queen.

Elena’s journey will lead her to understand that her new role requires wisdom, toughness, and compassion. Her adventure led Elena to understand that her new role required many things, such as wisdom, toughness, courage, and compassion, as values ​​that a true leader should have.

Sometimes, Elena is faced with a position where she has to make difficult decisions, is challenged to stick to her convictions, and demonstrate her attitude as a leader.

However, Elena was not left alone in carrying out her role. 16-year-old Elena has a large board made up of her grandparents, her older cousin, Chancellor Esteban, and her new friend, Naomi, who is always ready to give advice. Elena also asked her sister, Isabel, and her two friends, Mateo and Gabe, for guidance and support. Elena is always accompanied by magical animals, including three flying creatures called jaquins, which are half bird half jaguar.

Elena of Avalor also presents Latin and Hispanic culture and traditions such as magic, myth and folklore. In the first episode, “First Day of Rule”, the First Day of Leading, for example, featured Noblins, elven creatures originating from the Chilean peuchen myth. There’s also Zuzo, Elena’s spirit, who was inspired by the Mayan idea of ​​Southern Mexico that everyone has two spirits in the animal kingdom. Elena is also described as always carrying the Scepter of Light or a light stick filled with power that she finds throughout the series. One of them is the ability to see things unseen.