Cute Doll Coloring Pages Printable

Dolls are children’s toy products in various forms. Some are in the form of human figures, animals, and fictional creatures. A doll is a type of toy that can take various forms, such as humans, animals, vegetables, fruits, facial expressions and fictional characters. Dolls can be said to be one of the oldest toys, because in ancient Greece, Rome or Egypt, dolls already existed. However, the function, form, and materials of manufacture are very different between then and now.

The doll is equipped with various clothes, shoes, bags, houses and furniture, kitchen utensils, and others. Playing with dolls is fun, so dolls will never disappear from human life.

Modern, mass-produced dolls in factories began in Germany in the 15th century AD. The dolls were made of linen and plastic.

Since then the doll has grown. There are typical dolls such as mathryoskha dolls from Russia, Kokeshi from Japan, British army dolls, dolls without faces typical of the Amish people, and others.

From its shape, there are dolls resembling humans (Barbie), animals (Teddy Bear), or children’s favorite cartoon characters (Hello Kitty). Since the 20th century, dolls are not only used as toys, but also collectibles.