Printable Daniel Tiger Coloring Pages

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood tells the story of Daniel, a 4 year old tiger cub who lives with his tiger family and is surrounded by many friends. He lives in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe with his father, mother, and sister, Margaret.

Daniel is surrounded by many friends of various species. Among his friends were Katerina the cat, Jody the platypus, and O the owl. Daniel also has human friends named Miss Elaina and Prince Wednesday.

Daniel’s trademark is that he has dark brown stripes on his body. He also always wears a red sweater, sneakers and a watch.

Daniel is a cheerful, friendly, and optimistic child. In the first episode titled Daniel’s Birthday, he was so excited to go to the bakery to pick out his own birthday cake. He and his friends chose a special tiger cake with icing details on it. Daniel also invited the audience to count the icing lines on the cake.

When the cake was ready, Daniel felt strong enough to carry his own cake home. He got on the bumpy trolley. When he gets home, Daniel finds his cake a mess! Daniel was very disappointed because the cake was ruined.

However, not wanting to be sad for too long, Daniel and his father finally tried to make smushy cakes. Daniel found that the smushed cake tasted no less delicious than the usual cake.