Printable Brave Coloring Pages For Kids

One of the princesses from Disney films in this modern era with interesting stories and characters is Princess Merida. Merida is the main character in an animated fantasy adventure film entitled Brave produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios.

The film Brave tells the story of a royal princess who makes a decision that puts her father’s family and kingdom in danger. Not many people dare to go against tradition. Merida (Kelly Macdonald) is one of the few people with such courage.

Brave tells the story of the adventures of a princess named Merida. Brave is an adventure and fantasy animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios.

Princess Merida is the daughter of a king of the DunBroch Kingdom. Like a princess, she has skills in archery. Since childhood, Merida has been an extraordinary princess. Merida really likes challenging things, such as archery.

He has been pursuing his archery hobby since he was 6 years old. No wonder, now that she has grown into a girl who is good at archery. Merida’s archery hobby has the support of her father, King Fergus. King Fergus gave Merida a birthday present in the form of a bow and a set of arrows.

Of course this made Merida very happy. The father also helps Merida to practice archery. However, unlike his mother, Queen Elinor. Queen Elinor was disturbed by her daughter’s hobby. Finally, he tries to direct Merida to pursue other things that are more appropriate for a princess.

Princess Merida went to the forest to practice archery. However, he actually lost one of his arrows. In his search, he saw a small creature that had a blue light.

According to the myth that circulated, the people of the Kingdom of DunBroch called it the will o the wisp, as a sign of destiny. As if leading Merida to enter the forest, the little creature disappeared and appeared.