Printable Blaze and The Monster Machine Coloring Pages

Blaze and The monster machine is a film that tells the story of a monster truck adventure called Blaze, the story is exciting. The story is always about a truck called Crusher that acts evil or cheats, and Blaze always blocks its evil intentions.

The animated children’s series Blaze and the Monster Machine follows the adventures of Blaze (Nolan North), a talking monster truck. What is a monster truck? A 4WD truck with high quality suspension and giant tires.

Blaze used to compete with other monster trucks such as Stripes, Darington, Starla, Zeg and Watts. Not to forget Crusher, the troublemaker, who always joins the race with Blaze, and always causes trouble.

Crusher is often the antagonist in this series. Outside of the racing arena, Crusher often causes trouble and hinders the journey of Blaze and his friends. In each episode, Blaze is required to travel somewhere, but his journey is hindered by Crusher or another antagonist character.