Printable Beach Coloring Pages

The beach is the border of land and sea which is a popular tourist destination. Surely friends also often visit the beach area when traveling or on vacation. The beach is usually called by another name coast or coast.

The beach is an area on the edge of the water that is affected by the highest tides and the lowest low tides. The beach is the border area between land and sea. This area is different from the coast although it is interrelated.

Many of the world’s great cities and civilizations started from the coast. To this day, about two thirds of the world’s major cities are near the coast.

Half of the human population lives in these cities to this day. In addition, more than 600 million or people live within 10 meters of the sea and live in coastal areas.

The beach is also a transportation link from land to sea. The beach has a function for the environment, social, and culture.

The beach has a coastline that is permanent and well maintained. The coastline is the boundary between the sea and land when the highest tide occurs. In coastal areas generally there is sandy soil.

Coastal areas can only be overgrown by plants that have breath roots because they can adapt to muddy tidal areas. For example, mangroves.

Each beach has an estuary, which is an area of ​​a body of water where rivers enter the sea, ocean, lake, or dam.
Not infrequently around the coast there are mangrove ecosystems that function to block sea waves so that sea water does not erode the land further.

Beach coloring page to download and coloring. Here is a free coloring page of Beach. Choose the right Beach picture, download it for free and start painting! By coloring the free coloring pages, find your favorite Beach.  Have fun and smile – keep smiling!