Ant Coloring Pages Printable

Ants are indeed one of the easiest animals to find. Some people are afraid of ants, others underestimate these small insects.

They live in groups and in very large numbers. Ants roam in the forest to urban areas. Although classified as small and vulnerable insects, until now ants can still be found in every place.

Ant colors vary. Starting from yellow, brown, red, and black. Even in North America there are ants that have a metallic sheen. Ants have large heads and slender bodies. The shape is oval from the chest or the middle to the waist.

Ants also have antennae and two jaws. Outer jaw pair for carrying objects such as food and digging. While the inner jaw for chewing food. Some ants also have a sting at the end of their stomach, which will usually feel a little hot.

For the size of an ant, this small animal cannot be underestimated. Ants can carry objects 50 times their own weight. In addition, they cooperate with the colony to move even larger objects.

Ant populations can be found on every continent around the world. But ants cannot be found on the continent of Antarctica because of the extremely cold ice and unfavorable environmental conditions. Ants feel vibrations from the ground through their legs. Meanwhile, ants that do not have eyes can communicate using their antennae.