Pinocchio Printable Coloring Pages For Kids

Pinocchio is a Disney family cartoon released in 1094. The fairy tale of Pinocchio is an educational story about a naughty wooden doll who likes to lie.

This fairy tale tells of Pinocchio’s adventures that turned him from a bad boy into a kind and obedient child to his parents, and turned into a full-fledged boy with the help of a fairy.

Once upon a time there lived a carpenter named Geppeto. He lives alone in his simple house which only contains wooden things. Geppeto dreams of having a son who will accompany him.

One night when he felt lonely, he made a wooden doll. Because Geppeto is so reliable, the wooden doll looks very real. “I’ll call you Pinocchio,” he said. “I wish you were a real boy”. After finishing making Pinocchio, Geppeto fell asleep and Pinocchio’s story began that night.

When Geppeto was asleep, the blue elf came and whispered to him. ‚ÄúDear Geppeto, you have always been a good person to everyone. So that I will give life to your little Pinocchio.” Said the blue elf while swinging her magic wand.

Pinocchio was alive. “Look at me, I can talk, I can walk and I can dance.” Pinocchio said excitedly. Hearing the noise in his house, Geppeto woke up and was very surprised. He found his dream come true. “My child’s wooden doll, you are alive!” Geppeto is very happy and hugs Pinocchio.

Here is a free coloring page with the theme fairy tales. It’s about the fairy tale Pinocchio. In the picture he is with a fairy who turns him into a real boy. The fairy tale was written by Italian author Carlo Collodi. This coloring sheet by Pinocchio and the Magic Fairy is free and available to all.