Free Printable Peter Pan Coloring Pages For Kids

Peter Pan, is the name of a boy with a distinctive character in a fairy tale as a result of the creation of a famous Scottish novelist, J.M Barrie who lived in 1860 – 1937.

Peter Pan is described as a boy who can fly and never get older. Peter Pan in the fairy tale, spent his childhood “eternal” by wandering, touring the small island called the island of Neverland.

Peter Pan in the tale, plays the role of leader of a group of children who call themselves “The Lost Boys”. In his wandering Peter Pan interacts with Elves, Indians, Mermaids and Pirates.

What’s interesting about Peter Pan is that he is described by his creator as a naughty child and only selfish, aka individualistic.

Of the many fairy tale series about Peter Pan, many are in the form of books and several others are already in the form of films, some of which are productions of Walt Disney’s, which are in the form of cartoons.