Printable Peacock Coloring Pages

Who is not blown away when they see it? The peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world that has beautiful feathers.

When spreading its wings, visible dots of different colors. If you look at it longer, the circle looks like eyeballs. Try to approach and watch every strand of its fur.

Actually, beautiful feathers are only a piece of fine hair without color. Uniquely, when the feathers blend and bloom, a variety of colors are seen. Moreover, you see it from afar, its beauty is even more amazing.

A peacock lives in a forest. This group of animals are found in mainland India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

But now it is almost extinct. You can only see peacocks in a wildlife sanctuary or nature reserve. There were only a few types left, such as the green peacock, the blue peacock and the kongo peacock.