Paw Patrol Coloring Pages Printable

Paw Patrol: The Movie tells the story of a gang of super rescue dogs. The story begins with Humdinger who becomes the mayor of a nearby Adventure City. He started to make a mess in various areas.

It looks like Ryder and the heroic pup are trying to take the challenge head-on. It’s no wonder that all of them have to be good at giving careful tactics. Moreover, the enemy of these dogs is the one who always wins. In PAW Patrol: The Movie, the PAW Patrol dog gang teamed up with a boy named Ryder to save the city from the evil mayor.

Humdinger is said to be currently serving as mayor of Adventure City. Mayor Humdinger is known to do anything to keep his office. Even he had no problem wreaking havoc in the bustling city of Adventure City.

Humdinger also became a big enemy of the PAW Patrol because it imposed a ban on roaming dogs, so Adventure City was full of cats. Armed with the latest gadgets, Ryder and a gang of rescue dogs try to stop Mayor Humdinger from destroying the city with the help of Kitten Catastrophe’s crew (the cat gang). Ryden and the PAW Patrol are also helped by a new friend, a dog named Liberty.

In the series, the PAW Patrol dog gang is told to have different abilities. These include firefighters, police officers, construction workers, and many more. The dogs always use backpacks filled with equipment as well as “dog cars” to take them to where missions need to be solved.