Printable Cute Patrick Star Coloring Pages

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the best selling animations that has received much love since its first release in 1999 on Nickeledeon. This animation focuses on the cute yellow sea sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends in the city of Bikini Bottom.

Loved by the general public, from children to adults, SpongeBob SquarePantas animation comes with various characters. One of them is a starfish named Patrick Star.

Spongebob squerpants has a friend whose name is Patrick Star who always accompanies him in doing everything, especially stupid things. Like, hunting for jellyfish, blowing bubbles, going to the carnival and krusty crab, making weird clubs and most of the time disturbing Squidward even though they are not aware they have bothered him. Patrick has a stupid nature, wants to win himself greedy, innocent, but very loyal friends, cheerful and always cheerful.

As the name suggests, Patrick star is a starfish who lives in a semicircular stone house next door to Squidward and Spongebob Squerpants. Patrick Star is the dumbest and laziest creature in Bikini Bottom as evidenced by him getting an award for creatures that can’t do anything, he only spends his daily time eating, sleeping and playing with Spongebob then disturbing Squidward. In addition, he is very greedy and likes to eat a lot of food.

He is the son of Cecil Star (father) and Bunny Star (mother). Patrick also has an older brother named Sam Star, and an adopted sister named Squidina Star. Patrick has some absurd quotes like ‘Maybe that’s stupid, but it’s also stupid’ and ‘I don’t understand’.

His favorite foods include chili peppers, ice cream, jelly jelly sandwiches, Krabby Patties (he’s seen eating a lot of bites in several episodes), chocolate, cheese from the hook, peanut butter, pickles, marshmallows, sandwiches, turkey, hot dogs, smoked sausages, grilled chicken, beef, pizza and many others. .

In the cartoon SpongeBob Squerpants Patrick is only occasionally seen working and all the work he does must be messy and fail, even though he is very good at driving compared to SpongeBob because in just one test he immediately passed.