Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages Printable

Minnie Mouse is a sweet and loving girl. He has a ribbon boutique. With her best friend, Daisy, she makes beautiful ribbons. Sometimes, Minnie’s twin nieces, Milly and Melody help her out. Minnie Mouse is the best ribbon maker, even the famous movie star, Penelope Poodle is a customer.

Minnie Mouse, a cartoon character who certainly cannot be separated from her partner, who is world-famous, was also created by Walt Disney. As with Mickey Mouse, Walt is also inspired by the shape of a mouse, but if Mickey is a male mouse it is different with Minnie, Minnie Mouse is a female mouse cartoon character.

Minnie Mouse, who usually wears pink clothes with an A-skirt shape, also has a ribbon which is of course the same color as her clothes and there are polka-dot elements in it, not only that the high-heels shoes that she always wears are also the hallmark of this female mouse character.

In the film Minnie mouse is told as a cartoon character who is coquettish and spoiled, not only that Minnie mouse also sometimes looks mature, this is what also makes his fans love this cute mouse character even more.

Minnie Mouse’s name is Minerva Mouse. The use of the name Minnie mouse aims to make it easier to pronounce the name of this beautiful mouse character.

Minnie Mouse has a father named Marcus Mouse and a mother named Margie Mouse, in the film Minnie’s parents are told as farmers.