Masha And The Bear Printable Coloring Pages For Kids

Masha And The Bear tells of a friendship between a little boy named Masha and a male bear, Misha. both of them are very close and love each other, there is a lot of cuteness that happens between them, especially because Masha is still very small and innocent.

The Bears are always bothered by Masha’s mischief and curiosity about things, but they can still pass the days happily and full of something new.

Masha is a child who lives on the outskirts of the forest with her grandmother. One day, he chased a butterfly that had landed in his house. He continued to chase the butterfly regardless of his surroundings, until he went very far and came to a wooden house.

Out of curiosity, Masha entered the wooden house which turned out to be the property of a former circus bear. Seen many trophies placed in the living room, Masha curiously touched the trophies, but instead he dropped them all.

It didn’t stop there, Masha also climbed the Bear’s bed and smashed it. The bear, knowing this, was annoyed, and immediately took Masha to the forest. He left the boy alone there.

On the way home, Misha changed her mind. He was worried that something would happen to Masha and wanted to bring her back home. When he returned to the forest, Misha the Bear did not see Masha and he felt very sorry.

When he got home, suddenly the boy was standing behind him. Misha is not so sad and feels very lucky Masha is back. Misha then made Masha her best friend.