Easy Printable Lime Coloring Pages

Limes belong to the rhombic family. The small, bushy, about 4 m tall trees are easily covered with thorns and bear small, white flowers individually or in racemes. The main flowering season is spring, but the trees continue to flower throughout the year. As a result, the main harvest begins in late autumn and winter and lasts in smaller quantities throughout spring and the next summer.

The fruits are small, about 3-5 cm tall, round to oval with a small tip. The skin is green to greenish yellow, smooth, very thin and leathery. The green to greenish yellow flesh has some seeds, is almost twice as juicy as the flesh of the lemon, highly aromatic and very sour.

Limes are the most temperature-sensitive citrus fruits and are therefore also known as the “lemons of the tropics”. Limes are cultivated in all hot, semitropical, subtropical or tropical regions of the world. The main growing areas are India, Mexico, Egypt, the Caribbean and southern Florida (USA), where limes also grow in wild forms.