Ladybug Coloring Pages Printable

‘Miraculous, tells the story of a girl Marinette Dupain-Chang, who turns into a brave hero named Ladybug and saves and maintains the happiness and peace of the people of Paris.

Together with her theme, Adrien Agreste, who is also known as Cat Noir, Ladybug and Cat Noir who have the ability to turn into heroes and save Paris from the evil Hawk Moth and the mind control army, Akuma.

But apparently, Ladybug and Cat Noir don’t know each other’s true identities. Marinette doesn’t know that Cat Noir is Adrien, a boy she has a secret crush on at school, nor does Adrien know that Marinette is an ordinary girl in her class.

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Coloring page Ladybug and Chat Noir coloring page. Large selection of free Ladybug coloring pages, Ladybug drawings and some ladybug tie points. To dye and do a lot!