Printable Jungle Book Coloring Pages

The Jungle Book is a live-action film from Disney that was released in 2016. The story in this film is adapted from a book by Ruyard Kipling. This film is different from the live-action version that was released in 1994.

That is about a jungle boy who must fight a bengal tiger in order to avenge the death of his guardian wolf. In this 2016 version, the main character named Mowgli is no longer depicted as a young man, but a small boy with shoulder-length hair.

Told Mowgli is a boy who lives in the forest. Mogwli was raised by Raksha, a female wolf who took care of Mowgli like her own child. There is also a leader of a pack of wolves, Akela, who always protects Mowgli from the beasts of the forest.

Once upon a time, a long dry season came and the water sources in the forest began to dry up. The beasts made a truce agreement at one of the remaining springs. They promised to use the springs together and were prohibited from preying on animals. Shere Khan, a bengal tiger who was present, accidentally saw Mowgli.

Shere Khan who has a grudge against humans then intends to kill Mowgli after this truce ends. On Akela’s advice, Mowgli decides to go to the human village for his own safety. Mowgli then begins his journey to the human village accompanied by a black bear named Bagheera.

Shere Khan, knowing this, attacks Mowgli on the way, but Mowgli and Bagheera manage to escape. He vented his anger over his failure by attacking the pack of wolves led by Akela. Akela died and now their home is controlled by Shere Khan.

Mowgli continues his journey and meets Kaa, a python who tells him about his origins. Escaping from Kaa, Mowgli befriends Baloo who saves him from Kaa’s clutches. Not until Mowgli continues his goal to the human village, he is again confronted by Louie, the leader of the apes who invites him to work together to control the forest.

Louie knows Mowgli can create a “Red Flower” that can be used to rule the forest. However, Mowgli refuses and Louie informs him that Akela was killed by Shere Khan. Mowgli was angry and canceled his intention to go to the human village. Mowgli will return to the forest to fight Shere Khan and save the wolves. Can Mowgli beat Shere Khan?