Printable Incredibles Coloring Pages

The Parr family is still unaware of the existence of the super power possessed by Jack-Jack’s baby. When there is a new villain who is more devious and dangerous, the Parr and Frozone families must be able to find a way to work together against a new, evil enemy.

The American 3D animation sequel The Incredibles 2 finally returns to the big screen and lifts the story of the Parr family.

The Incredibles 2 story continues after 3 months of the super family’s victory over Syndorme, their enemy in the first film. Right after that, the Parr family again faced difficulties when fighting against the Underminer who wanted to rob a bank, unfortunately their efforts failed and instead caused the destruction of the city that they were trying to protect. As a result, they are required to no longer interfere in matters of city security.

The Parr family is now confronted with a bitter reality: they must no longer use their strengths and try to become normal. Bob needs to find a new job and Helen needs to take care of her children. However, an offer knocked on their door from the brothers who wanted to legalize the superheroes in the city. Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) and Evelyn Deavor (Catherine Keener) are the owners of leading telecommunications companies and have ambitions to restore the good image and public trust in the hands of superheroes.