Printable Impala Coloring Pages For Kids

The impala is a medium-sized antelope native to Africa. They are commonly targeted as prey for a number of large African predators, including lions, cheetahs, leopards, and more.

This animal has a charming appearance. Slender body, beautiful colors, and the most stunning is his trademark horn. They are renowned for being able to make dramatic and distinctive leaps into the air to confuse and evade predators.

These animals live in forests with few low plants and in grasslands. Impala will look for a place close to a water source. However, if it is difficult to find water, the impala will survive as long as there is plenty of grass to eat.

Impalas can live in large flocks. The female and young impalas can form flocks of up to 100 members, while the unpaired male impalas can reach up to 60 individuals.

Meanwhile, herds of female impala will live in separate clans. The clan will occupy a residential area of ​​80 to 180 hectares.

Impala will escape by jumping in various directions up to a height of 3 meters in the air. This splitting of the herd can confuse predators and lose focus.

In addition, when landing from such a high jump, the impala’s forelegs will descend first. When the new hind leg reaches the ground, the foot is immediately lifted back up by kicking it into the air.

Impala is an antelope that has various uniqueness. Let’s support each other’s conservation efforts so that they can continue to exist in the future.