Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 every year. Many people from various countries around the world celebrate Halloween. At Halloween celebrations, people will usually use costumes or accessories that have a spooky nuance. For example, ghost costumes or characters in horror films.

This Halloween festival is widely celebrated in America and parts of Europe and stems from ancient Celtic traditions. Over the decades, this horror-themed festival has become famous not only as an important holiday in the West but also a special place in itself in pop culture around the world.

Usually, the Halloween tradition is carried out with horror costumes and make-up then visiting friends with gifts, horror movie screenings, and Halloween themed games have become popular in several countries.

Halloween has its roots in the Samhain festival which was celebrated by the ancient Celts in England and Ireland. The celebration takes place on November 1, coinciding with the start of the winter period, the date for the return of livestock from the prairies, and the renewal of land holdings.

Those who celebrate the festival believe that on the night before the celebration, on October 31, the spirits of those who have died will return to visit their homes.