Printable Grinch Coloring Pages For Kids

The Grinch (2018) tells Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch), a person who is very cynical about everything. Grinch lives in a distant cave with his faithful dog, Max.

Besides Grinch and Max, there is another character, namely a girl named Cindy Lou Who, who is voiced by Cameron Seely. Cindy is a brave and kind child. He intends to meet Santa on Christmas Eve, until finally meeting Grinch.

This film presents an evil plan as well as ridiculous behavior plus witty characters from each character. We will look at the compactness of Grinch and Max, then how he avoids those who care about him, to how he looks for a reindeer to become a saint to deceive the city community by stealing gifts but instead gets a fat reindeer that helps him. Everyone will laugh out loud seeing Grinch stealing Christmas.

The Grinch also conveys the message of the true meaning of Christmas, there is hope, kindness, sincerity and forgiveness