Free Printable Monster High Coloring Pages

Starting as a doll, now Monster High has been brought to the television screen. Monster High is a toy like a barbie but has a scary face. This Monster High cartoon has been successful since 2011 and its last series was in 2017.

Carrying the story of teenage girls who are at school, Monster High’s cartoon stories are mostly filled with everyday life at school. Many stories such as friendship, enmity, and various kinds of problems faced by most teenage girls.

Because of their slightly different faces, the characters in this story are a bit different from most of the existing cartoons. Almost all the characters in this cartoon have a brave nature and love the challenges of life.

In this latest series, Monster High Adventure of the Ghoul Squad tells the story of Draculaura and his friends who plan to save a vampire who has been missing for years. Assisted with a monster detection device, they began their search.

Monster High coloring page to download and coloring. Here is a free coloring page of Monster High.
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