Printable Fairy Coloring Pages For Kids

Among the many mythical creatures that exist, fairies are one of the most familiar to most people. How not, from childhood to adulthood, this one creature is always present even though the packaging is different, whether it’s a figure in a fairy tale book or a character in a movie.

In addition to the physical depiction of fairies, cultures around the world also portray the nature of fairies in fairy tales. There are fairies who use their magical powers to do good, but there are also those who do evil.

Good fairies are usually described as fairies who live with humans, both in the human environment and living in the same house. Meanwhile, evil fairies are usually depicted as creatures that can harm humans and experience bad things.

Like other mythical creatures, fairies are said to have extraordinary special abilities. For example, the ability to change form. So, this little creature is said to be able to resemble itself with anything including humans. Not only that, they are also believed to be able to make the dead come alive.

Fairies themselves are known for their healing abilities. Not limited to being able to change shape or healing abilities, fairies also have expertise in terms of movement. Yes, despite their small physique they are said to be able to move so fast. This is none other than because they are equipped with wings so they can fly.

Free coloring pages of fairies and magical creatures for kids to download and print.