Elephants Coloring Pages For Kids

Elephants are the largest land animals classified as mammals. These animals live in small groups led by senior-aged females. Meanwhile, most of the young males live in separate herds from the senior females. These large mammals can live to be 80 years or more in captivity, but can only live up to 60 years in the wild.

A large body, with a long trunk is the main characteristic of elephants. Many of us have seen this giant animal in person, be it at the zoo, circus, or see them in their natural habitat.

Currently, there are only two species of elephant, namely the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Elephants are extraordinary animals. Not only because of their large body weight but also because they are very sensitive animals like humans!

Elephants are often found in savanna, grasslands and forests. However, they are able to control various other types of habitats such as deserts, swamps, and even the highlands of the tropics and subtropics in Africa and Asia.

These animals migrate seasonally depending on the availability of food and water. Memory or memory is important in this case. They are able to remember the location of the water supply along the route.

Unlike other herds of animals, the elephant family is led by a female. Make no mistake, not just any female can be a herd leader. The leaders chosen are those who are the oldest, because the older a female elephant, the stronger her influence in a herd.

Elephants are big, but they are not lazy. While it takes us 8 hours to sleep, an elephant only sleeps 4 hours a night. An African elephant weighs between 4,000 and 7,000 kg. While the Asian elephant weighs 3,000 to 5,000 kg. Because of its super large size, it is not surprising that an elephant eats in large quantities.