Golf Coloring Pages Printable

Golf is a sport of a small ball game that aims to get the ball into the hole from a predetermined area using a golf club as a bat. Golf is a sport that requires balance, strength, and accuracy in hitting. This requires holding, swinging, and hitting techniques.

Golf is played on a large field, which can cover an area of ​​between 30 and 200 hectares. The goal of this sport is to push a small, hard ball into the hole using as few strokes as possible.

Although this sport sounds easy, inserting a small ball into the hole still requires skill and knowledge which of course needs to be practiced regularly. In addition to good hitting skills, the sport of golf also requires patience and stamina to circle a wide field. In the end, just like any other sport, the sport of golf also provides health benefits for its players.

There are three types of golf clubs (clubs), namely: wood, iron, and putter. Wedge is an iron that is used to hit at a short distance. Wood is used to hit very long distances. While iron at medium distance. Putters are almost always used to hit the green.