Printable Duck Coloring Pages

Ducks are a group of water birds from the Anatidae family. This family has the characteristic of being able to adapt well in the aquatic environment.

This can be seen from the morphology of the duck in the form of webbed feet which serve to facilitate movement and displacement in their habitat.

In addition, the shape of the beak is also wide, this ensures that ducks are easy to find prey and food in the water, such as worms and fish.

Ducks can be found easily on almost all continents, except Antarctica. Each continent usually has a different type of duck. Some are edible, but some are not to be eaten for reasons of scarcity.

duck is an omnivore. So, it can eat plants and small animals, such as fish, insects, worms. Ducks live in watery and muddy habitats, such as ponds, rivers, lakes, or swamps.