Printable Daisy Coloring Pages

Daisies are one type of ornamental flower plants whose seeds are sought after.

This flower is better known as the chrysanthemum flower (actually chrysanthemum also called the chrysanthemum flower) or daisy of the Asteraceace family, this flower is still cognate with chrysanthemum flowers.

This flower is a type of herbal plant that has beautiful flowers with striking colors. Even better, this flower turned out to have properties and benefits for human life, not only as an ornamental plant.

The benefits and properties of daisies can be obtained by utilizing all parts of this plant, from the roots to the flowers. The traditional method that is currently still used is to make a decoction of this plant part, then use it on the part of the body to be treated.

Modern medicines are still using extracts from this plant because they are proven effective and do not cause side effects.